Honest Conversations about Racism

Honest Conversations about Racism is a program that allows you to engage with other parishioners in learning about the history and lasting legacy of racism in the United States and understanding how it continues to raise its ugly head in our own lives and those of the community.

About 140 parishioners attended the Lenten series in 2022 conducted by the Racial Justice Circle of Baltimore. At the final meeting in Lent 2022, you asked for the conversations to continue. And so they will! The Racial Justice Committee is offering a series of six Zoom sessions starting in October 2022 and ending in May 2023.

Multicultural hands joined in spiral symbolizing honest conversations about racism

2022-2023 Sessions

Following the Honest Conversations About Racism (HCAR) program during Lent, HCAR 2.0 aims to continue to open our hearts and minds to people of all races as we work individually and as a community to end the evil of racism. The goal of this program is to continue to engage parishioners of St. John’s in a journey to heal the wounds of racism through increased understanding of historical and current injustices against African Americans.

Notes from the May 17 “The Way Forward” Meeting

Program Overview

For further information, text Natasha Byus at 662-799-1553 or email sarahlutterodt@gmail.com


Honest Conversations about Racism - Lent 2022
Closing session of Honest Conversations about Racism – Lent 2022

Video Invitations to Join in “Honest Conversations”

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