Pastoral Plan

Fr. Gerry washes feet on Holy Thursday

St. John the Evangelist is a great parish, and we want to be even better! We analyzed what makes this parish unique and wonderful, what makes us proud of who we are as a parish, and where we can grow or improve. From there, we developed a Pastoral Plan for that growth and improvement.

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Our Vision

St. John intentionally brings diverse communities together. Through our prayers and Liturgy, active engagement, expanded service for the underserved and purposeful action against injustice, we imitate Jesus Christ by creating a welcoming environment for all.

Our Sacred Purpose (Mission)

To celebrate the joy in loving/following Christ by welcoming and loving all, so that all are inspired to put faith into action and respond to the call to serve others.

What We Will Achieve with our Pastoral Plan

  • Parishioners will become more engaged disciples
  • Disciples will engage their hearts through Eucharist & Community
  • Lives will be changed from the inside-out
  • Evangelization will occur through discipleship & service
  • Parishioners will become “mission ready” to make more disciples

Our Core Mission Priorities

pastoral planning icon for Liturgy

To fully and intentionally engage in prayer, worship, and sacramental life that flow from baptism and reverential participation in the Eucharist – the source and summit of our faith

Pastoral planning icon for Welcome

To practice radical hospitality and welcome as Jesus did, seeking out the disenfranchised and vulnerable and creating a sense of fellowship and belonging that is grounded in love for each other and humble gratitude to God

pastoral planning con for Encounter

To continually experience our own conversion and bring others to experience the same through evangelization, revealing the truth of the Gospel and witnessing to others how we ourselves have encountered Christ

Icon for Accompaniment

To grow as disciples of Christ and nurture growth in others as we study, share, and live out the teachings of Christ and his Church through education, faith formation, and discipleship endeavors

Icon for Sending

To bring Christ to the world, practicing discipleship and encouraging each other through friendship and service as we support the work of the Church, provide for the material and pastoral care of the poor and suffering, and advocate for the discernment of vocations in life, especially priestly vocations for those who feel called in this way

Icon for Mission Support

Mission Support
To enact wise stewardship of the gifts God has granted to us by those who have preceded us in the faith, and the hope that lies in future generations of the faithful, so that our resources may be channeled to support the mission of disciple-making first and foremost

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