Parish Renewal News

St. John the Evangelist is a great parish, and we want to be even better! We have developed a plan for growth and improvement — see the full plan and how to become part of this exciting endeavor.

Updates on Sending
Central to all our Pastoral Planning efforts is: members of diverse cultures uniquely gather, recognizing themselves in prayer and experiencing conversion as their hearts grow closer to God.
Updates on Accompaniment
Accompaniment means to "go somewhere with someone as a companion," and includes growing in our individual faith lives and nurturing that same growth in others.
Updates on Encounter
Our primary intent is for people to encounter Jesus through engaging more purposefully with each other and with newcomers.
Updates on Welcome & Communication
We're excited to be improving Communication as part of our pastoral planning process… a new website, Director of Communications, and more!
Our Goals, Vision and Mission
What makes this parish unique and wonderful? What makes us proud of who we are as a parish, and where we can grow or improve?
We’re Officially Approved!
It's official! Archbishop Lori has accepted our pastoral plan, and praised our leadership for their perseverance.
Synodality and Pastoral Planning
Our parish has been planning locally, and so has the Pope! Synodality is about how the Church "journeys together."
Challenge 6: Mission Support / Apoyo a la Misión
Mission Support means wise stewardship of God's gifts. Thank you to everyone for your ministry and service!
Challenge 5: Sending / Envío
Sending means bringing Christ to the world. Where are you being called to share the Good News?
Challenge 4: Accompaniment / Acompañamiento
Accompaniment means growing as disciples and nurturing growth in others. Why not invite someone to join you at Mass soon?
Challenge 3: Encounter / Encuentro
Encounter is the life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ. How might our church better foster personal encounters with the Lord?
Challenge 2: Welcome / Bienvenida
We are called to practice radical hospitality and welcome others as Jesus did. Tell someone how happy you are that they came to Mass this weekend!
Challenge 1: Liturgy / Liturgia
The Church calls us to strive for "a conscious, active, and full participation of the faithful" at Mass. What do you contribute to community prayer in the Mass?
Photos of Renewal / Revival
We had a wonderful Renewal / Revival — check out our photos!
Grace and Change
We pray to welcome and invite a change of heart, mind, and spirit.
The Time is Now!
It's finally here! St. John the Evangelist unfolds a new evangelization plan to embrace and welcome all God's people and celebrate our blessings as a multi-racial/cultural family.
Prayers for Revival
Lord, we pray that You would revive the hearts of all believers. Birth in each of our hearts a desire to be used by You to bring about a lasting revival and spiritual awakening in the tiny corner of the world where You have placed us.
We Need Joy
The power and possibility of a truly alive faith in God gives us strength, hope, commitment, and the joy of doing the work of building the Kingdom of God.
Change in Attitude
Christians should appear as people who wish to share their joy. When people who like church come to see that the church needs to be for people who don’t like church, that changes your church.
Our Prayer for Pastoral Planning
Merciful Father, pour out your Spirit of wisdom and love to guide us in this pastoral planning process to Be Missionary Disciples of your son, Jesus Christ.
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