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You are invited to encounter Jesus Christ, grow in faith, and love & serve others.

What’s New at SJERC

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Our Mass schedule evolves as the pandemic situation changes.

New Mass Schedule effective November 22, 2020

  • Saturday (Vigil) 4:00 pm — streaming only (no congregation present, no longer held outdoors)
  • Sunday 10:30 am in Englishoutdoors by registration at Wilde Lake Interfaith Center, also streaming
  • Domingo 12:15 pm en españoloutdoors by registration at Wilde Lake Interfaith Center, also streaming
  • Daily (Monday – Friday) 12:00 pmindoors by registration at Wilde Lake Interfaith Center, also streaming

Please note that the Archbishop has dispensed all from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass during the COVID-19 pandemic. We miss you, but please stay safe. Check our Covid-19 Updates page for more information.

Outdoor Mass

Outdoor Masses are celebrated Sunday at 10:30 am (English) and Sunday at 12:15 pm (Spanish) in the Wilde Lake Interfaith Center parking lot. Please register in advance as space is limited. Please review the procedures for outdoor Mass attendance.

Indoor Mass

Starting this week! Indoor Masses with congregation present will be celebrated weekdays at noon at the Wilde Lake Interfaith Center.

  • Please register at least 30 minutes before Mass.
  • If you are coming as a single person, look to the single seats in the middle of the room or the double seats in the middle of the sides.
  • Please do wear a mask and take care to maintain the appropriate social distance.

Online Mass

Online streaming is available for these Masses (*no congregation present):

  • Saturday (Vigil) at 4:00 pm*
  • Sunday at 10:30 am
  • Domingo 12:15 pm en español
  • Monday-Friday at 12:00 noon

Covid-19 Updates

Parish life changes due to the Covid-19 pandemic are updated here on our website.


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Pray & Worship

We pray together in church, in small groups, and at home. We help people encounter Jesus at 11 weekend Masses and through other sacraments.

Connect & Belong

We gather together to share our life & faith experiences, and support each other. We celebrate our diversity and meet in two interfaith centers.

Learn & Serve

We help adults, teens, and children all learn and grow as disciples of the Lord. We serve others who are in need, in our community and around the world

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