Thank you for keeping our parish strong by your continuing contributions and support!

If you have questions or need any help, please contact John Papania at 410-964-1425 x314 or john.papania@sjerc.org

Donate Online

St. John’s partners with givecentral.org to process all online gifts. You can give a one-time gift or schedule ongoing donations using your checking account, debit or credit card — it’s simple and secure.

Giving online allows you to:

  • support our ministries and mission from home
  • set it and forget it – easily schedule automatic recurring gifts
  • always have access to change gift amounts, enter new payment methods, or pause/cancel a gift at any time
  • AND simplify your accounting and tax preparation with personalized reports of your giving

Donate by Text

You can also make a gift to St. John’s by simply texting the word “Donate” to 410-989-4617. You will receive a reply with a form to submit with additional information.

Donate by Mail

Checks should be mailed to: St. John the Evangelist, 10431 Twin Rivers Road, Columbia, Maryland 21044.

Contribution Envelopes

To request contribution envelopes, please call Cynthia at 410-964-1425 x311 or email cynthia.herrera@sjerc.org with your name and address.

Contributions to Other Groups

All cash and checks made out to an outside organization, i.e. Catholic Relief Services, Grassroots, will be sent directly to the organization. That organization is responsible for sending a receipt for any check received. Checks made out to St. John’s in an envelope with your name and address and designated to the particular cause will be included on your yearly contribution statement.

Contribution Statements

If you would like to receive a Contribution Statement at the end of each year, you need to:

  • Be a registered member of St. John’s
  • Use your pre-printed envelopes, electronic transfer (online donations), personal checks or a plain envelope with your name & address
  • Request a statement after January 31st by calling Cynthia Herrera at 410-964-1425 x311 or by emailing cynthia.herrera@sjerc.org
  • Statements will be sent out automatically to those who requested them the previous year.

Planned Gifts – giving retirement assets, bequests, trusts, etc.

  • Life Insurance: you can simply name St. John’s as beneficiary.
  • Bequests: you can name St. John’s in your will as a beneficiary, and your estate will receive an estate tax deduction for the value of your bequest. A bequest written in a will can be made for a percentage of your estate, a specific dollar amount or for a specific asset, such as stock or real estate.
  • Retirement Assets – beneficiary: you can name St. John’s as a beneficiary of your IRA, 401(k) or other qualified retirement plans. Any amounts remaining in your plan will transfer to St. John the Evangelist, free of income and estate tax.
  • Retirement Assets – RMD/QCD: if you have reached the age where you need to make required minimum distributions (RMDs) from your traditional IRAs, you can avoid paying taxes on them by donating to St. John’s using a qualified charitable distribution (QCD).

If you want to name St. John the Evangelist in your will as a beneficiary, the official name to use is: St. John the Evangelist, Columbia, Roman Catholic Congregation, Inc.

If you would like to leave money to the Endowment, there are three different accounts. The account names are:

  1. The St. John the Evangelist, Columbia Parish Endowment Fund (this account is for parish support)
  2. The St. John the Evangelist, Columbia Catholic Education Endowment (this account is for religious education)
  3. The Reverend Monsignor Richard H. Tillman Endowment Fund (this account is for parish support)

If you have questions or need any help, please contact John Papania at 410-964-1425 x314 or john.papania@sjerc.org