Confirmation completes your Baptism, makes you a fully initiated member of the Church, and deepens in you the gifts of the Holy Spirit that link you more firmly to Christ and enable you to live like Christ, as a fully active member of the Church.

Confirmation (adults)

Full adult membership in the Roman Catholic church is achieved with the reception of the sacraments of Baptism, Eucharist, and Confirmation. Most Catholics born into our faith receive Baptism as infants and Eucharist in the second grade. Confirmation is often received in the eighth grade or high school. Due to circumstances of all kinds, a significant number of adults never received Confirmation.

At St. John’s, the process for adults begins with getting in touch with Paul Gifford, email at Depending upon your current readiness for the sacrament, you may meet with Paul several times, read some books and prepare for the sacrament individually OR – you may find a group setting more your style.  You might then join our RCIA program, meeting on Sunday mornings at 10:30 at Wilde Lake. When you’re ready, you get confirmed!

Confirmation (grades 10-12)

Confirmation is another step toward the Holy Spirit in the journey of faith. It is a chance for a radical turn toward God or a tune-up of faith. Through service, retreats and the gospels, teens can take a moment to step back and focus on what life is really about.

If you are in high school or the parent of a high school student come to our Information Night. For Confirmation 2022, orientation will occur via a Zoom conference call with three possible options:

  • Saturday. September 19 at 10:00 10:00 am

Please sign up in advance for this meeting at

Confirmation Forms

Confirmation Resources

Confirmation Retreat Options

  • National Catholic Youth Conference – November 14 – 16, Indianapolis, IN
  • Parent / Youth Retreat   – February 1
  • Family Pilgrimage  – March 14
  • Spirit Day  – March 28 (Tentative – based on Confirmation Date)

Letter to the Bishop

Please write a letter to Bishop Madden and submit it to our offices by April 9. If you can send this letter to me via e-mail, I will print them and send them to the bishop.  Otherwise, please have it delivered to the offices by April 9.

Please consider first reviewing the following from your red book: How to, Example 1, Example 2

I would encourage you to include specific paragraphs with three or more sentences each describing the following to the Bishop.

  • INTRODUCE YOURSELF: My name is _______and I am in ____ th grade at ________ School.  I am engaged in the following activities at school or in the community and …..
  • CORE CLASSES: Review your red book. We discussed different styles of prayer, generosity and service, spiritual and corporal works of mercy, the gifts and fruits of the spirit, the beatitudes, discipleship, and what Jesus is asking of you.  What two or three things grabbed your attention the most.
  • SPONSOR: Introduce your sponsor and describe some of the conversations that you have been having with your sponsor.
  • SERVICE: In describing what you have done for service, please describe the adult(s) with whom you interacted and describe their motivations towards service.  Are they spiritually motivated?  How?
  • RETREAT: Some of you have already participated in the Parent/Candidate Retreat or on the Family Pilgrimage.  Please describe what you discovered on these experiences.  Others will participate in Spirit Day, which will have as a theme “Be Not Afraid.”  If you have not had a retreat experience yet, tell the bishop it is coming and discuss what the theme of it might mean for you.