Sacraments of Initiation

Full adult membership in the Roman Catholic church is achieved with the reception of the sacraments of Baptism, Eucharist, and Confirmation. Most Catholics born into our faith receive Baptism as infants, and First Eucharist in the second grade. Confirmation is often received in the eighth grade or high school.

Due to circumstances of all kinds, it may be desirable to receive these sacraments at a different time in your life. We would be honored and happy to help you along your sacramental journey. We regularly help children, youth, and adults prepare to receive these important sacraments.

Sacraments of Healing

  • Reconciliation
  • Sacrament of the Sick   
    • In case of an emergency or illness at home, call the parish office 410-964-1425 or the priests’ emergency phone 240-400-0339.
    • How to make funeral arrangements at St. John’s

Sacraments of Vocation