Clergy & Staff

  • If you need a priest to administer the Sacrament of the Sick or Last Rites for the dying, please call the priests’ emergency phone: 240-400-0339
  • If you wish prayers for yourself or a loved one, please call the Parish Office with your request: 410-964-1425

Our clergy and staff are dedicated to bringing the parish to life through daily operations and spiritual guidance. They provide support and assistance with all areas of ministry.

Fr. Gerry Bowen

410-964-1425 x324

Padre Hilario Avendaño
Associate Pastor

410-964-1425 x320

Fr. Marc Lanoue
Associate Pastor


John Papania
Parish Manager

410-964-1425 x314

Consuelo Petro
Faith Formation Director

410-964-1425 x325

Andrea Torres Negrón
Coordinator of Youth and Young Adult Ministry

410-964-1425 x316

D. Scott Miller

410-964-1425 x313

David Morrocco
Director of Music Ministry


Jan Shaw
Parish Secretary

410-964-1425 x324

Cynthia Herrera
Faith Formation Administrator

410-964-1425 x311

Tanya Herrera
Child Protection Compliance Coordinator

410-964-1425 x312

Karina Lopez-Brown
Database System Administrator

410-964-1425 x309

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