Clergy & Staff

  • If you need a priest to administer the Sacrament of the Sick or Last Rites for the dying, please call the priests’ emergency phone: 240-400-0339
  • If you wish prayers for yourself or a loved one, please call the Parish Office with your request: 410-964-1425
Fr. Gerry Bowen

410-964-1425 x324

Fr. Ferdinand Ezenwachi
Associate Pastor
Padre Hilario Avendaño
Associate Pastor

410-964-1425 x320

Fr. Gene Nickol
Assisting Priest
Fr. Joe Kenna
Assisting Priest
Deacon Jim Benjamin


D. Scott Miller
Communications; Youth & Young Adults

410-964-1425 x316

John Papania
Parish Manager

410-964-1425 x314

Consuelo Petro
Faith Formation Director

410-964-1425 x325

Christopher Youstra
Cynthia Herrera
Faith Formation Administrator

410-964-1425 x311

Jan Shaw
Parish Secretary

410-964-1425 x324

Tanya Herrera
Child Protection Compliance Coordinator

410-964-1425 x312

Karina Lopez-Brown
Database Management System Administrator

410-964-1425 x309

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