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Our “weekly program” will be offered to your household through BRIEF youtube videos which will be broken up into three parts.  While you can do a week’s worth of program all at once, we hope that you take time and make this less than an hour’s worth of programming.  It is intended to be taken in small pieces for 10 – 15 minutes throughout your week.    
Nuestro “programa semanal” se ofrecerá a su hogar a través de BREVES videos de YouTube que se dividirán en tres partes. Pueden hacer el programa de una semana de una sola vez, esperamos que se tome un tiempo y haga que este sea un programa de menos de una hora. Está destinado a tomarse en trozos pequeños durante 10 a 15 minutos durante toda la semana.

Each of the components will be based on the SEE-JUDGE-ACT model designed to help us “figure out” and address the situations around us.  It is a great device for discernment and hopefully this year, while challenge, and provides us all an opportunity to walk away with a new skill on understanding truth and responding to it. 
Cada uno de los componentes se basará en la Modelo VER-JUZGAR-ACT diseñado para ayudarnos a “resolver” y abordar las situaciones que nos rodean. Es un gran dispositivo para el discernimiento y, con suerte, este año, a la vez que desafía, y nos brinda a todos la oportunidad.

For more information, contact Scott Miller,

More about the Programs

  • Our first program is “Who is My Neighbor?” This will invite us to see—judge—act on the issue of Polarization (making someone else feel as ‘other’). We will consider Jesus’ parable of the Prodigal Son this week.
  • In October, we will look into a four-part Overflow series that examines how the love of God works in us and overflows into the lives of others. It follows texts from the Gospel of John and Revelation, exploring the themes of forgiveness of sins, spiritual healing, overflowing servanthood, and the overwhelming love of God.
  • Halloween weekend we will take a break.
  • Then we will resume starting November 7-8 for two weeks looking at “Bravery, It is not just for superheroes“. It takes bravery to live a life sold out for Jesus. This two-week series examines two types of bravery: Brave in the Unknown (Deborah and Jael) and Bravely Doing the Right Thing (John the Baptist.

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