Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council is an advisory body that represents the needs and interests of the members of St. John’s and provides a channel of communication between the members and the pastor. In its monthly meetings from September to June, we deliberate and advise on issues affecting the life and work of the parish and make recommendations to the Pastor. The Pastoral Council may take the lead on establishing new ministries and undertaking special projects such as implementation of a new parish website.

The Council consists of nine members elected at-large by the parish community and up to five appointed members. Elected Council members serve three-year terms. Appointed members serve from the time of their appointment until the conclusion of a council session in June. The officers of the Council are the president and the vice president. Members of the parish are presented a slate of candidates in May by a Nominating Committee appointed by the president with the concurrence of the pastor.

Contact: Pastoral Council leadership at

Membership 2021-2022

  • Mary Bielefeld, President
  • Audrey Marsh, Vice President
  • Evan Bickel – Youth Member
  • Jim Bickel
  • Clare Bowen – Youth Member
  • Triiip Bowen
  • Shirley Cruz
  • John Lyons
  • Maria Martinez
  • Elizabeth Mason
  • Evelyne Mbandi
  • Maria Moreno
  • Debbe Mork
  • Alicia Oro
  • Christian Skipper
  • Elizabeth Wright

Council Documents

Pastoral Council Video 2021

Pastoral Council video – February 2021

Pastoral Council Video 2020

Pastoral Council video – February 2020