Racial Justice

The recently-established Racial Justice Committee is comprised of members of the Social Justice Ministry Committee and the Diversity and Inclusion Committee. This committee advises Pastor Bowen and church leadership on various issues effecting our community.

Contact: Patty Dugan, pattydugan@hotmail.com

An Examen for Racial Justice

As we continue praying together with our sister parish to address racism, this week’s bulletin features an examen for racial justice. Please see a list of questions we can each ask ourselves as we continue to open our eyes and hearts to addressing racism within our country and our Church. They may also be helpful in preparing to receive the sacrament of reconciliation. (February 28, 2020)

Have I fully loved God and fully loved my neighbor as myself?

Have I caused pain to others by my actions or my words that offended my brother or my sister?

Have I done enough to inform myself about the sin of racism, its roots, and its historical and contemporary manifestations? Have I opened my heart to see how unequal access to economic opportunity, jobs, housing, and education on the basis of skin color, race, or ethnicity, has denied and continues to deny the equal dignity of others?

Is there a root of racism within me that blurs my vision of who my neighbor is?

Have I ever witnessed an occasion when someone “fell victim” to personal, institutional, systematic or social racism and I did or said nothing, leaving the victim to address their pain alone?

Have I ever witnessed an occasion when someone “fell victim” to personal, institutional, systematic or social racism with me inflicting the pain, acting opposite of love of God and love of neighbor?

Have I ever lifted up and aided a person who “fell victim” to personal, institutional, systematic or social racism and paid a price for extending mercy to the other? How did I react? Did my faith grow? Am I willing to grow even more in faith through my actions?

Source: Prayers for Racial Justice and Reconciliation and A Prayer Service for Racial Healing in Our Land

Prayer for Racial Healing

Many of you know that our Sister Parish Committee has been working to focus on how we can address racism together. In our continued commitment to walking this journey of prayer, learning, and making changes within our own parishes we also invite you to join us in focusing our intentions on racism during this Lenten season of prayer, fasting, repentance, and almsgiving. (February 21, 2020)

Please pray this prayer with members of our sister parish:

God of justice,
in your wisdom you create all people in your image,
without exception.

Through your goodness,
open our eyes to see
the dignity, beauty, and worth of every human being.

Open our minds to understand
that all your children are brothers and sisters
in the same human family.

Open our hearts to repent of
racist attitudes, behaviors, and speech which demean others.

Open our ears to hear
the cries of those wounded by racial discrimination,
and their passionate appeals for change.

Strengthen our resolve to make amends
for past injustices and to right the wrongs of history.

And fill us with courage
that we might seek to heal wounds, build bridges, forgive and be forgiven,
and establish peace and equality

In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

Source: Prayer for Racial Healing – Catholic Charities USA

Kickstarter Campaign – A Place at the Table: African Americans on the Path to Sainthood

Fr. Josh Johnson, a priest in the Diocese of Baton Rouge and host of the Ask Father Josh Podcast on Ascension Presents, is working with a team to produce a documentary about African Americans on the path to sainthood. The team that’s orchestrating this project has opened a campaign on Kickstarter to gather the financial support needed for it to happen. For more information about this project and how you can contribute, click here.